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the medallion calls, POC the medallion calls, POC

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Very Familiar

It's nice to find someone who is familiar with what you can play. I've played this song (all the songs, actually) in my high school orchestra(I play the violin). A very, very good soundtrack, I might add. I suggest you submit "One Last Shot" or "Fog bound", if you haven't already begun working on them. These instruments are clearly midi or keyboard-generated. I use both, myself. Are you a midi artist? Because I'd really like to see what other works you've created. It's rather entertaining to hear someone create something you've played in the past. Oh, and you mentioned sheet music...Could you give me some kind of link to the site you bought it from? Thanks.

SKTWO responds:

thx, but i didnt' buy, just look up curelean pictures and theres piano sheet music, but in the forums you can find links to free sheet music sites :D

or you can find it on internet.